How much do Life Coaches make?

How much do Life Coaches make?

After writing my article entitled “How much do Executive Coaches make?” I was highly requested by my readers to also discuss how much professional life coaches make on average. After collecting and gathering data from highly trusted sources (ICF Surveys, Sherpa Coaching Survey, PayScale reports, etc), please find the findings below.

Here are 6 trends in life coaching from an ICF Survey:

  • Total annual revenue from professional coaching worldwide is now nearly 2 Billion (In US Dollars). That means it’s nearly doubled in the past few years
  • Many coaches are reporting an increase in fees, clients, hours, and revenues since 2017, despite the global economy, showing once again, that coaching does well even in poor economic times
  • Most coaches predict a further increase in fees, clients, hours, and revenue in the coming years
  •  Latin America and the Caribbean were currently reporting the greatest rates of growth, as coaching continued to enter and succeed in new markets
  • Most professional coaches say they want the industry to become regulated, with the greatest proportion stating that the industry of coaching should be regulated by coaching associations, rather than governments
  • When asked what they thought would be the greatest challenge to the profession of coaching in the coming year, the number one threat was identified as ‘untrained individuals who call themselves coaches’, followed by ‘marketplace confusion’ (which is caused, in part, by untrained individuals who call themselves coaches). This also points to why the idea of regulation is gaining traction among life coaches

According to the Sherpa Executive Coaching Survey 2013 reports:

Annual Coach Salary by Niche: $49,890

Average Hourly Earnings by Niche: $130

Average Number of Clients (meetings per week) by Niche: 7.70

According to the average median self-employed life coach salary is $52,595. The lowest is $28,198 and the highest $274,314.

According to a 2012 ICF Global Coaching Study surveyed over 12,000 coaches in 117 countries throughout Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, and South America and received the following results:

This figure represents a life coach salary generated solely from coaching or from providing coaching services. In addition to coaching, life coaches offer other services such as consulting, counseling, facilitating, mentoring, teaching, training, etc.

Average Life Coach Salary across the WORLD:

  • North America: $50,400
  • Latin America & the Caribbean: $34,400
  • Western Europe: $52,100
  • Eastern Europe: $24,000
  • Middle East & Africa: $39,600
  • Asia: $36,500
  • Oceania: $66,200


  • 10+ years $321 per hour
  • 5 – 10 years $256 per hour
  • 3 – 4 years $194 per hour
  • 1 – 2 years $152 per hour
  • Less than 1 year $128 per hour

The average number of clients that a coach maintains at one time is 10. The average hours per week a coach works is 13 hours. And lastly, 76% of Coaches expect to see an increase in clients and revenue within the coming year.

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Please feel free to add your comments below and discuss and add to the topic. 


6 thoughts on “How much do Life Coaches make?

  1. These are awesome stats as I always wondered how any organization could identify this information. Also, it gave me information as to where I stand against my peers. I feel good about being in the middle and sometimes further depending on where I focus my outreach.


  2. I doubt very much the industry wants monitoring and standards for credibility only. It is unusually about control, fees and dues. 2000 years ago the religious leaders hated, what they considered as an unqualified man, in their midst. He outperformed them in every way. Enraged with jealousy, they killed him. We as humans will always attempt to ‘kill’ those who do better than ourselves. Sadly!


  3. Is the average annual revenue/income listed before or after the expenses and taxes have been paid?

    I ask because annual revenue/income of $51,000 in a country with a 35% tax rate works out to only $33,150 for a coach to live on after they pay taxes. And that’s before expenses have been taken out. (Someone please double check my math.)

    Many coaches have been employees all their lives. So, it’s easy to confuse annual/income with salary if you’re not used to deducting taxes and expenses for yourself.

    There is a YouTube video that shows this. Just search for Barb Zeigler. Please share your thoughts on annual revenue/income vs salary.


    1. Hello Barb,

      Thanks for your question. The income is before taxes. Expenses would depend on whether you’re running your own coaching practice or not. But the figures are the take home pay on AVERAGE around the world.

      Obviously to understand the fuller picture, we would need to look at the median income reports, with some other data.

      The profession is still evolving, but there are many coaches who make well beyond that range (this is especially true in executive coaching where the Executive Coach can expect about $25k per client engagement.)

      There are also many coaches who coach alongside their respective other full time jobs. From experience, this is true for many Life Coaches and other coaches that aren’t businesse/executive.

      The tax rate would be different around the world. Remember that this is the world average — so these rates would naturally differ. For example, here in Saudi Arabia there is no income tax.


      Iftikhar Nadeem


  4. Thats a good summary of salary earned by life coaches. I think Business coaches make a bit more over all as they also have performance based contingency bonus which can be substantial. Also the certified coaches make more than individuals without it unless the coach is famous or well known. If the results can be guaranteed for the clients , with penalties upto 💯 percent for the coaches is given, then the earnings can be much higher. The future is good for coaches with proven, scalable, measurable performance for clients. Thank you.


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