The Top 3 Problems Faced by Newly Hired Business Executives

The Top 3 Problems Faced by Newly Hired Business Executives

You’ve recently been promoted or appointed to a C-Suite level position. You’re really excited at the prospect of holding such a coveted leadership position, but then you realize that leadership and management roles often come with a set of challenges – and not being to able to address these challenges can prove to be disastrous not just for you as an executive, but on the organizational level as a whole.

You have your set of concrete business acumen, and skills. However those are now not sufficient enough as you take charge of your business executive position. So what are the challenges that you may have in executive leadership roles? Let’s address them below:

  1. You may now need to adjust your leadership style. It’s great if you’re past styles of leadership proved results that you wanted. However, unfortunately that is no guarantee of success in your role as an executive. The teams you worked with in the past are probably not the same they are now. They may be tougher on you, in the sense that they now expect you to have all the answers. Therefore, you may need to adjust your leadership style so that you can successfully lead your team members to meet business objectives. Not achieving this can create a feeling of negative pressure which will definitely not work in your favor regarding your energy levels. Let me tell you this as a performance and energy master for business executives – that it is in fact OK for you to not be at your highest levels of energy at all times, as our circumstances change all the time – and where we stand on our energy scales will not always be constant. But as an energy leadership trainer, I can say with confidence that you are able to shift and stay in the higher energy levels arena no matter what the circumstance.
  1. Performance Pressure. This is very likely to come from senior management, or more experienced professionals than you. Meeting these expectations and goals can prove to be challenging. It’s important to note that performance pressures are not just thrown upon newly hired executives, but also on C-level executives who have been in the executive game for a long time. Change is going to be the only constant; so adapting to change does bring out performance pressures as well. And meeting these pressures is not something that comes naturally to every leader. It does and can require time, effort, and guidance. However, it’s not only when change and new leadership comes about – performance pressure can be the immediate and direct effect after unlocking immediate success as well.
  1. Establishing yourself as a leader. As a newly appointed executive, I have no doubt that you must have worked very hard at reaching where you are right now. And now that your responsibility to manage and lead is all open and laid out in front of you, you may come across the barrier of being unable to properly establish yourself. A good key strategy to start here is to look back at your previous leaders or bosses.
  •    How were they like?
  •    Did they seem to you as egotistical, frustrating or inspiring?
  •    Did you respect them for their body of work? If yes, why?

Drawing out from these experiences can gain you a solid understanding of how you would like to be viewed as a leader. This will allow you to determine your approach to being the leader that meets his or her goals, and the leader that your team members and employees are happy to look up to. Furthermore, in the workplace you will be presented with a continuous stream of challenging and complex problems, and it will be in your hands to tackle them harmoniously. And maintaining that constant functioning also becomes necessary. This is exactly what can be quite overwhelming for executives to achieve. But remember, with the vision you possess and the right guidance, you will be happy to learn that it is something you can control and manage over the long haul.



What other problems are faced by newly hired business executives? Feel free to comment below.


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