Why and How Executives Should Thrive In the Face of Change

Why and How Executives Should Thrive In the Face of Change

By the time you’ve opened your new iPhone box, it’s already outdated. There’s probably a dozen new ideas brewing up in Apple’s Silicon Valley headquarters at this very moment. We are in a day and age where we are in a constant state of flux. Our surroundings, just like us, are changing. With the ever-growing complexity and uncertainties of our world, change is bound to occur.

Whether it’s in our personal lives, work, or any area of life; you will find, that our levels of energy are changing too. And that staying in one level is not possible, and we must learn to adapt to what surrounds us. This can be mental, physical, spiritual, or environmental. Whenever we are faced with a situation that we feel is not how it’s supposed to be; that is change.

But why are many of us intimidated by change? Usually, executives share with me these top 3 reasons why change freaks them out:

1Change brings about the feeling of uncertainty

2. Change can cause you to feel out of control

3. Change can bring about a feeling of risk. And this does not bode well with executives who are risk-averse

But what’s the good news here then? Well let me tell you that the fears felt during change are mostly irrational. They are only in your mind — they haven’t yet been translated into action that may or may not work against you; depending on how you cope with it. But know that you can thrive with change if you set your mind to it.

But how can you thrive in the face of change? Here are some tips:

  1. Accept that our environment will never be constant. This proves that change is inevitable. By knowing this, and I mean, by truly knowing this can be very empowering. Once we have wired our brain to think in this positive way, our actions will follow.
  1.  Know that there’s a plethora of people out there who have done and created exciting and wonderful things – and these people had to face change in their journey. Think about it for a second, all those ideas you come across and then proceeded to think to your self “but why didn’t I think of that?!” Well there’s someone out there, who believed in him or herself, and took the plunge. They were willing to face change and make no excuses for it. All success stories do not come easy. And combating uncertainty is bound to occur in the path of them all.
  1. Understand that you are in a fast-paced world, and that you don’t have to deal with change alone. Whether a loved one, colleague, or experienced person to guide you through change; know that you don’t have to like change. But you have to cope with it. You have to tolerate it. Would you like your life to be the same way it is over the next 20 years? If not, then rather than fearing change, embrace it.


What other ways do you thrive in front of change?



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