Limiting belief: the biggest obstacle on your path to success? And 5 things you can do about it

Limiting belief: the biggest obstacle on your path to success? And 5 things you can do about it

“I’m not good enough”. How many times have you heard someone say these words? I can tell you myself in all my years as an Executive Coach and outside of coaching, I have heard this phrase countless times. I’ve met people who have outstanding skills in there area of expertise, but the prevalence of self-doubt is eating their performance alive. This can be a huge road block in their path to reaching the goals they intended on achieving. Self doubt destroys the mind and soul. It effects your energy. And prevents you from functioning at your highest level of consciousness.

Especially at the executive level, the limiting-belief factor can be a goal killer. My experience in coaching through an elite set of energy coaching processes & tactics that work have caused executives at the C-level and beyond turn their energy game 360 degrees. Incorporating energy elements into executive level coaching not only allows the individual to function at their best but guides them in achieving results. And results matter.

But what else can you do on a daily basis to combat that limiting-belief cloud hovering over your head?

Here are my 5 tips:-

1. Breathe – try incorporating deep breathing techniques for few minutes everyday. The power of deep breathing exercises is extraordinary. If someone offered me ten million dollars to never practice deep breathing in my life again, I wouldn’t take it! That’s how much I appreciate it. Remember, you can’t beat stress right out, but you can manage it. Stress is greatly reduced through deep breathing, and the clarity you gain from deep breathing is just the icing on the cake.

2. Stop seeking validation – it is good to ask opinions when needed, but having the need to constantly requiring others opinions for every decision that you make can weaken the faith you have in yourself. Be confident in your decisions, there’s a reason why you are the one in charge of it in the first place. Realizing this can be very empowering.

3. Give yourself credit where it’s due – know your worth. You matter. Be kind to yourself. Focus on the present. If you keep telling yourself you can’t do something, this only distracts you from the task at hand. And once you’re distracted, you’ll not be able to put your most valuable resource (your energy) to productive use.

4. Follow your instinct – spending too much time deciding whether to choose one option or the other can clog your brain. Often our first reactions are best, since it usually comes with a sense of conscious reasoning, rather than your ego.

5. Talk to someone – whether a close friend, an experienced Executive Coach, or just someone you trust. Talking to someone you trust can relieve the negative tensions you’re carrying around and can feel like coming up for a breath of fresh air. Surround yourself with a positive supper system, who will lift your spirits but be realistic with you at the same time.


What else would you suggest to counter the limiting belief cloud over our heads? Remember, it can be completely removed!



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