Why Your Energy Matters At The C-Suite Level

Why Your Energy Matters At The C-Suite Level

Grab a copy of any Physics book near you, or type in the term “energy” within the Google search bar, and you will be told energy is ‘the property that must be transferred to an object in order to perform work on – or to heat – the object, and can be converted in form, but not created or destroyed’’. But you may have very well realized by now, that energy within leadership roles does not quite hold the same meaning.

It is one of those terms that are universally known, but actually very hard to define. However, within the Higher Energy Executive program, you will come to realize that the concept of energy is at the core of the experience for those who are within top executive leadership roles. One may state that energy to him or her is the physical work in the day to day operations we embark on. While others might argue that energy to them is defined by an emotional or mental state. Neither of these individuals are entirely wrong. It is important to realize that there are levels and dimensions to energy, and reaching the highest level is key to becoming the best possible version of yourself – as you will soon discover what leads an individual to gaining high levels of performance in their path to becoming most successful in their respective spheres of not just their careers, but in life.

Within leadership psychology, energy is defined as a type of positive affective arousal, which people can experience as emotion— short responses to specific events — or mood — longer-lasting affective states that need not be a response to a specific event. It can be a short term or a long term process. A very important state that you will unlock during the High Energy Executive program is that of consciousness – which will play a huge role with your energy. When your levels of consciousness will be in utmost sync and harmony – the result will be a marvelous burst of laser focus within you combined with action that actually brings the results that you want to achieve. During the executive coaching and training experience, one will realize that the management of energy is far more crucial than managing of one’s time.

There is no denying that careers at the C-Suite level are extremely demanding. Burnout, fatigue, lack of motivation – are common traits found within individuals at the top. However, if performance is acquired in the most efficient and smart way – this will most definitely improve the clarity and goals that the executive wishes to possess. Can the benefits be multiplied and spread? Yes. And that’s when there will be what you could call a domino effect – as the combination of higher levels of energy and thus the resulted performance will lead to an increase in the organizational value, as executives are at the core of shaping the vision and strategies for their companies. But it obviously doesn’t just stop there, these abilities can and will be applied in areas of your everyday life.

Increasing and maintaining these new founded levels of energy – that are waiting to be ignited within you, will not only result in high performance levels but provide executives with stability and direction. Once you achieve stability and direction; the results will show – and they will be nothing short of what you hoped for. It is very crucial for me to let you know that attaining high levels of physical energy is in no way a guarantee of success or high results. For instance, being an “fitness junkie” or a “gym rat” within your executive level position does not necessarily translate into the highest level of cognitive functioning. So yes, that translates into no guarantee of attaining your desire, to let’s say, maximizing financial growth for your firm or reaching the highest level results oriented actions that will yield high levels of productivity for your employees. As energy is packed into dimensions, and the physical aspect is –- well exactly that — just one aspect. Problems are still bound to occur with the absence of a clear sense of direction and purpose, and not realizing and gaining the full dimensions of energy.

Reaching the highest dimension of energy will result in elevated levels of performance and a concrete sense of purpose. Scientific research conducted by M. Schippers and R. Hogenes has shown that those who are performing at high energy levels, and spend more time on planning and feedback processing have a higher correlation to career success than those who are not managing their energy levels efficiently at all –- as they are usually enunciating task-irrelevant cognitions such as dwelling in deep thoughts about possible failures and engaging in other counterfactual thinking.


Therefore, I’d like to finally state that knowing one’s energizers, purpose or even giving clarity to that purpose, can easily cause a person to be in a state of high levels of consciousness –- and not just achieving that, but maintaining that is merely — priceless.


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